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What is a I10-Index?

What is a I10-Index?

Nowadays, Lots of research article are published online. Now, the question is did that research article authors had published a quality research article or just copy paste or hypothetic work is done and published it online.

How to judge the quality of that research article which was published online after a few months or year. There are few metrics which was taken into consideration for the evaluation of online published articles. Few of them are I10-Index, H-Index & finally Impact Factor of that journal.

I have already discussed what is Impact Factor? in my first post. I am also committed to guiding you for H-Index in coming days.

I will also guide you for a list of other topics which you need to know about online quality article publication.

Now let’s discuss on I10-Index.

I10-Index is a sole metrics design and develop by Google Scholar and used in Google’s My Citations feature. It can be defined as follows:

i10-Index = The number of publications with at least 10 citations

Now you must get the question of what I need to understand by I10-Index definition? Or you will be wondering what will be the conclusion for I10-Index?

It’s very simple.

I10-Index will give you a number of your online published articles citations and how much of it was cited by other authors with more than 10 times. If your article has been referred by more than 10 authors and citation in their research articles means your article is having a separate core value as far as the quality article metrics concern.

The highest citation which was reported on google scholar is Charles Robert Darwin scientist. He is the man of revolution done in a various subject like naturalist, geologist & biologist. Look at the picture I have put on top and you can click here to check is quality publication done on google scholar.

The I10-Index is a sole metrics by google scholar and not shown or put in metrics to another renowned publishing firm. The google scholar only creates it and use it to show quality metrics to the respective author and yes that is the credit given by the google scholar to that author.

I always love to know more about I10-Index if you have any concepts in your mind.

Let’s discuss here if you know much better knowledge then this article for I10-Index.

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