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Do your journal is not in UGC Approved Journals List 2017 or 2018?

Did your journal remove from UGC Approved Journals List?


If you are interested to read this blog means you or your article which was published in a journal, not in U University Grants Commission. UGC is constantly working to make a funnel of worldwide journals. The main question is why your journal was removed or not listed on the UGC list?

Actually, there is a list of points which need to be taken care of while for the selection of journal in UGC journals list. Few of them are already mentioned by the UGC on their website and same can check out in the above screenshot.

The following was clearly describe by the UGC,


“The UGC-approved List of Journals includes Journals covered in i) Web of Science; ii) Scopus; iii) Journals recommended by the Standing Committee on Notification on Journal and Language Committee; and iv) Journal recommended by Universities; A note on scope, coverage, and methodology used for compiling UGC-approved List of Journals is available at”


The journal which is already approved by the web of science or Scopus will automatically include in the UGC list gradually. The journal which will be recommended by the standing committee on the notification on journal and language committee will be also be considered to take place in UGC journal list. The journal which was recommended by the universities will also accept for UGC journals list.

What is the scope, coverage & methodology of UGC approved list?

  1. The journal has a website which provides full postal and email addresses of Chief Editor and Editors, and at least some of these addresses are verifiable official addresses
  2. The website provides complete instructions to authors/reviewers
  3. The journal has a well-defined peer-review and publication policy
  4. The journal has a well-defined Ethics policy
  5. The journal has a declared frequency of publication each year
  6. The journal is published regularly and in time following its declared frequency
  7. The journal claims that it is indexed in a given database and this claim is verified
  8. Journal levies submission/publication charges
  9. Since when is the journal being regularly published (select any one)

The UGC committee is accepting an answer in YES or NO and +1 or -1 score which will be written as Final Score.

First of all, you or your journal article Editor must check the above list and find out whether we are following this all or not. Actually, UGC is still not cover some international publication guideline rules & regulations which I hope soon they will plan for.

Why my journal is not on the list?

If you find that your journal is not following the any of the above points out of 9 then I think you get your answer. UGC has also updated there list where University Grants Commission (UGC) has removed 4305 journals after it received complaints about poor-quality on ‘UGC approved list of journals’.

We are going to publish a list of articles in future which will guide you how to get approval in UGC journals list or what to do to get increase chances to be listed in UGC journals list?. We will also post a list of articles which will be useful for the publisher to market and maintain their journals.

Let’s discuss what you suggest for UGC Journals List. Comment and share here so that each of us can find a way for what to do if…?

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