Jeffrey Beall

Beall’s List of Predatory Journals


This is the list initially published by Jeffrey Bell, who do not have any degree or authorization to publish such kind of gossips. Now, we as “Journals Club Team” who are all Ph.D. In their respective field are taking this opportunity to justify each journal whether it’s predatory or genuine. We are also planning to expand our Editorial team so if you are interested can mail us on our mail id There no doughty that he has added our company (Journals Club & Co.) As predatory without having any ground evidence and that’s why we have changed our business model from “publisher” to “IT services to publishers” not because of our name was added to his list but because of we don’t want to represent ourselves as predators. This is the reason we have not even removed our name from this list.

Disclaimer: This activity is purely initiated to aware researchers for each predatory Journals or publishers. This activity is not sponsored by any other country’s individual person or company to target as positive or negative marketing tactics. This activity is also no way related to CrossRef or to do the positive or negative marketing for CrossRef. Soon, we will launch a list of rules which will be followed by JC TEAM to identify predatory journals or publishers. You can also give your input for the same on the above given mail id.


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