At Journals club, we understand fully well how important it is to be available on the internet platform. This connectivity and the aspect of being present on the internet without any kind of an interruption will have a positive effect on the website. When you avail the website hosting facility from Journalsclub, you can rest assured that there will be no interruption as far as the accessibility and availability of your website is concerned.

Journals club provides state of the art website hosting for all its publishers. Through enterprise-level hosting and secure hosting as well as load balancing in the ‘Cloud’, we are in a position to deliver rich media content that will enhance the download speed and also enhance the user experience of our client’s websites.

Through this, the number of conversions too will automatically increase and will contribute more towards getting better search engine rankings. These rankings also depend to some extent on the downloadable speeds.


Here are the benefits you will be bestowed with when you avail our web hosting services:

  • No downtime at all owing to datacenter maintenance or physical server upkeep.
  • We only use SSD Turbo server which load your website 20X faster.
  • Free SSL Certificates means your website URL will become http:// to https:// with green bar and show as “Secure”.
  • 12 Cores 2 X 2.1GHz & Physical Memory 64 GB. This also increases as per need.
  • Wide list of Server Locations USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam & Asia-Singapore.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN which increases 200% faster page loading.
  • Better download speed, 2-3 times quicker when compared to the average that is prevailing in the industry. As a result you will get better user experience and more conversions and through that a good search engine ranking.
  • You can use the full bandwidth and accommodate spikes that may be a result of website traffic owing to promotions and seasonality.
  • We can guarantee that your journal website will not in any way have any kind of disturbance from various other websites while using the IP address and dedicated virtual server.
  • We will offer you unlimited disk space so that the CMS at the backend can be turned into digital asset library of the journal wherein you can store all PDF brochures, photographs, articles, reveiw report and many more.
  • Our web hosting will facilitate CDN…content distribution network which will better the response time of your website. Post the update by Google Panda, this aspect is considered as one of the most important features to allot a Google rank to websites.

If you are aware of all these technicalities that are involved, then you must have understood the advantages of using our website hosting service. If you are not familiar with these technicalities, do not worry, for we will be able to take care of everything that is needed for your website and will ensure that there is absolutely no downtime as far as the accessibility of your website is concerned.