The way social media is being used has changed completely. People are using it to make a lot of planning, gather information and also learn more from what the others have experienced regarding a particular product, service or website or anything for that matter. So, it has become imperative for businesses to have a social media presence. Social media marketing forms a huge chunk of the digital marketing program for any business.

What do we do through Social Media Marketing?

We know that there are numerous social media platforms and out of them, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram enjoy a huge follower base. Making your website visible on these platforms will increase the potential for your business. And communication is instantaneous on these platforms. When you use these channels you can rest assured that the content related to your website is kept fresh as well as original so that the search engines can lift it up and index it at top ranks.


Through our service we bring about amazing social engagement as well as outreach for your Journal. There is also vast community engagement because of the timely posts we make in the social media accounts that we have created. Through our service, we will bring an integration of the various strategies into this single powerful tool. This is one main strategy that will give an idea to the Journal owner about the outreach his business is having and he can also track his results clearly.

Facebook: We will create a Facebook page for your Journal and start adding relevant posts related to your Journal website along with posting pictures too. This will attract many people to like your page and also engage actively to the posts. This platform betters the chances of organic listing and also establishes good brand reputation for the business.

Twitter: We will create a Twitter handle for your business and attract followers by posting tweets at regular intervals of time along with photographs. More number of followers is reflective or indicative of the kind of fan base you have been able to develop for your business.

Instagram: This is yet another social media platform wherein pictures are posted and the word is spread far and wide. We will create your Instagram account and work in such a direction that the photos or images figure on top of the searches.

Flickr: This is similar in lines with Instagram wherein photos are shared on social media and the business becomes easily discoverable by image search. Your Flickr account will be geared up in such a way that it will increase the traffic to your Journal’s website. Your business will appear in all image searches. Your photos will be tagged in the appropriate categories and hence the site will also be optimized for search engines.

Posting videos for your Journal website on YouTube and also pinning posts through Pinterest are means through which more eyeballs are garnered towards your website. Additionally, we will also create a destination blog especially for your subjective Journal wherein when people search for information related to articles, news, jobs, your blog figures on the top. Blogs figure high in ranking as there is fresh content being posted regularly.

In case you are looking to establish a solid presence on the World Wide Web and that too through social media, Journalsclub can do it with great aplomb for your Journal website.

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