Not all websites are created equal nor they should be. Journalsclub comes with advanced solutions of custom-designed and custom-coded for all digital hospitality. Here you will find a visually dynamic webpage, easy navigation and featured a design with aimed content.

We provide a platform where you can be in touch with the researchers through offers, promotional pages, and weekly specials. You can also upload text and attractive photos. We offer a dedicated solution for any type of review processes like single-blind peer review process or double-blind peer review process. Student login, Editor login, Admin login each and every point will be customized in such a way that you never find it else ever.

Following are the Digital Marketing Services for Publishers:

  • Quick view pages & articles.
  • Supports all browser types.
  • Unique branded design.
  • Dedicated peer review process.
  • Aimed content.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Created in SEO.
  • Tools for Social Media Marketing.


Publisher Mobile and Responsive Website design

When I go for a mobile version?

The mobile version of your website will facilitate with easy navigation and quick read in a small screen. In this busy world, everyone needs a quick and easy way out. Mobile has brought a drastic difference in people’s life that, it has reached to the level of necessity. Thus we can say, nowadays people carry their world in their pocket.

In order to reach out to them, we have designed Publisher Mobile Responsive Website. Here we come with the solution of seamless integration of websites for each journal, maximum admin control, mobile, social, and local promotions that will uplift your list of journals in the world of publication.