Paid search marketing or pay per click advertising as it is popularly known as is a marketing technique wherein the ad about your business/Publication house/Journal shows up on the search engine results page under ‘Ad’ category. They show up when people are searching for things related to your business. As a business owner, you will pay when the customer clicks on the ad.

At Jounralsclub we have the prowess to keep track of conversions that are confirmed. We can also keep track of the activity that anyone has made through phone regarding your Journal. The main reason we have succeeded in the Publisher internet marketing is that we do great background research while selecting the keywords and also we conduct direct ongoing campaigns. Our strategies have always proved to deliver greater ROI for our clients.

We achieve good results by building landing pages that are totally dedicated for the campaigns. We optimize the landing pages for the kind of campaigns we have devised wherein there is an appropriate message left for the visitors and there is a call to action too. Traffic is drawn to the websites through careful planning as your Journal will garner more exposure for specific search terms.


Why PPC?

You may be wondering as to why you should opt for paid search marketing aka PPC in the first place. Let us make one thing clear…there is amazing competition outside. So with the help of customized PPC ads, you can get a competitive advantage over your peers in the industry. Unlike what people think, this strategy is not the kind of ‘set it and forget it’ technique. There is intensive strategy involved, there is an ongoing optimization, and there is testing for whether A or B always. So, through our dedicated approach, we will ensure that you are able to realize your marketing goals.

What we do?

Each Journal or each visitor is unique to us. So, we come up with a specialized PPC strategy that will suit your kind of a Publication segment. Whatever is the approach we take, we will ensure that we will enhance your visibility on the World Wide Web and get traffic that can get converted once they visit your website.

Ads are created by our experts after understanding the goals of the Publisher and looking into the historical trends and then researching the market. An Adwords account is created and then we set the strategy rolling. Once the ads go live, we will closely monitor the performance of the ad and optimize the same for conversion too. We will also give a monthly report on the results that have been achieved by our team.

In case you wish to get a PPC strategy devised for your hotel website, get in touch with us and we will be able to do the needful.