Try to get direct sales by way of Meta search distribution. In marketing, direct sales are considered to be extremely essential in order to keep the profitability ticker high for Publishers. It is a widely known fact that the marketing landscape is extremely dynamic and keeps changing with new opportunities making a foray. So, it becomes essential that you target direct article acceptance wherein your potential customers are scouting for the Journal. Meta search helps this search become easy.

There are different platforms like Google Finder, Yahoo search engine, Bing and others wherein you can showcase the tariffs in your Journal and embark on a neck to neck competition with your contemporaries. There are so many other Publishers with whom you are going to compete. You may be wondering as to why you, as a Publisher, need to partake in the Meta search marketing.

The reasons are very obvious. You would want your business reach as many people as possible, the word is spread far and wide. You want researchers to visit your website. As the exposure increases you will have more traffic to your website. There is a direct increase in the volume of sale. Again, the commission cost towards Online Travel Agencies is significantly reduced. This greater exposure will draw in more profitability and the conversion levels also become high as a result there is increased return on investment.


It has been practically proved that alignment with Meta search marketing channels brings in great benefits and increases the ROI manifold. When the price is added along with the article publication, the chances of conversions are very high. When the customer fills in the dates that he is traveling, the direct rates will reflect on the site and as a result, they turn to be more potential buyers.

With the tracking system that is on board at Journalsclub, you will come to know the actual number of article submission that have been made directly. There are other Meta search marketing channels which will be discussed on your order booking.

With our services you can rest assured that you will not lose out on any kind of non article submission to your Journal and you can convert directly.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Meta Search advertising and we will explain to you how this will pay more dividends for your Publication business.