More and more number of people are searching for good publisher through major search engines. The main intention of the search engines also is to bring to the fore those publishers that meet the requirements of the researchers. Now, how does your journal get to the top of the search engine results? Let us tell you one thing; getting to the top ranks of the search engines is not a difficult job but a job that needs to be done meticulously.

At Journals Club, we adopt only white hat SEO procedures and ensure that your website comes on the top ranks in all the major search engines. We make the use of best practices in keyword research, website architecture, and link acquisitions. The procedures we follow will not only draw more visitors to your website, the visibility of your website is enhanced at numerous places and the traffic is increased. When there is more traffic to a website, there is more scope for the potential scholars to become your customers.

We follow a methodical approach to promote your journal publicity. We do not adhere to any shortcuts. They may bring in wonderful results instantaneously but will affect the business in the long run. So, we take a systematic approach that will help us build your traffic gradually over a period of time. Though initially slow, your long-term results are extremely effective.


What do we offer as a part of our Journal Search Engine Marketing?

Journalsclub SEO services encompass a gamut range of both on-page optimization and off page optimization services. Right from getting extremely credible links to engaging in optimization for the perfect user experience to being able to manage all the local SEO channels too, Journalsclub is touted as a full-service publisher SEO company.

As a specialist publisher SEO agency we understand that each and every journal has specific needs and the SEO strategy too has to be specific to those needs. Rather than delivering generic services, we deliver customer specific and hotel specific services that will keep your business in good stead.

We optimize your website for content SEO. Our experts will conduct a very extensive research on the keywords and ascertain the ones that can draw more business. With the help of unique strategies, we develop title tags and meta tags and also a description of various pages and then deploy schema tags too so that the SEO efforts are enhanced.

After we are done with the on-page optimization, we will ensure that it gets figured in the right manner in all major search engines. We will not leave out any of the marketing opportunities that are available so as to enhance the visibility of your website. With unique descriptions, keywords, and titles we submit your website to the relevant category.

journals club have access to numerous channels that can give your website a greater exposure in the publishing industry. The listings in the directories are made by way of a niche to which your journal belongs.

We will constantly review and also enhance the process of search engine optimization that is in place for your journal website. Our experts will constantly monitor the performance of your website in terms of keyword search terms and the way your customers are finding your publication website.