Journalsclub is a reliable marketing company that is offering customized solutions for publishers. Rigorous internet marketing efforts are in place for each of the publication to gain as many eyeballs and as much traffic as possible.

At Journalsclub we take a methodical approach, see the performance of your publication website. Then we will devise a plan that will change the statistics of the website. We offer different digital marketing services that will bring about a great change to your business. First and foremost is to get your website fully search engine optimized.

Search engine optimization

Some websites may be optimized for search engines already. Our aim will be to add more marketing strategies so that the performance of your website will be much better. Social media marketing is the latest technique that has been found to work wonders for most of the businesses. It has become almost like an indispensible strategy that will spread the word about your business far and wide.


Responsive web and mobile design

We understand each business is unique and hence we will ensure that it is not missing out its presence on the mobile arena too. A responsive website design is what is needed in order to cash in on that segment of the market too which depends heavily on their mobile phones.

If you are making a foray into the online world for the first time, we can give you a website that is completely optimized for performance, usability and conversion. We will create the best of selling points which will keep your business in good stead and bring it in contact with your audience. We do not just stick to the aesthetics but will also try to connect to the emotions of the people who visit your site.

Customized solutions

When we plan the different strategies for your Journal’s website we will ensure that we are not missing out on any of the essential marketing strategies that could prove to be beneficial for increasing the visibility of your website and draw more traffic to your website. It could be PPC, social media marketing, meta search marketing or anything for that matter!

If you are looking for getting a custom hotel digital marketing solution for your business, do get in touch with us and we will come up with the most pertinent individual strategy, plan and execute in such a way that it works perfectly well for your business.