Email marketing has retained its charm despite the entry of more popular internet marketing techniques. It has been touted as a reliable and effective promotional and communication vehicle in the World Wide Web. Journalsclub’s email marketing solutions will help the publisher to target, create and deliver effective messages across to the potential researchers and also existing editorial board members. Staying in touch through emails at regular intervals will help you maintain the relations with your customers and also establish new ones.

With our relevant messaging and responsive designs you can drive them into taking positive action. Our marketing strategies are targeted towards increasing the traffic to your Journal and also help in managing the customer relationships.

When compared to the other forms of internet marketing, email marketing is the most traditional one. However it brings in a slew of benefits that you would not want to overlook.


Why choose email marketing for your publication business?

  • It is extremely economical and fast…goes straight into the inbox of the target customer.
  • This brings about more response rates and through that more article submission.
  • Gives scope to make a deeper impact on the minds of the researchers through compelling content in the emails.

When you avail the email marketing service for hospitality industry from Journalsclub, you can be assured of a few things:

  • There will be more traffic to your website.
  • There will be more repeat business.
  • As a result, there will be more revenue coming in and profits too.
  • There will be increased awareness.
  • The number of subscribers for your services will surely increase.

You can make use of our hospitality email marketing techniques as a result oriented and short-term strategy and as a strategic approach and a long-term strategy too wherein it will emerge as the best branding tool.

Journalsclub has the expertise and experience to take your business to the next level with its email marketing strategies. If your online marketing techniques have not been paying off well, do get in touch with us to get a brand new marketing program through emails and you can see the difference for yourself!