Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire your search engine marketing service?

We have robust plans to bring your journal website on top of the search engine results page. With our expertise, we will ensure that we do only organic SEO that will get you long-term results. Our professionals keep themselves abreast of all the latest guidelines of all major search engines and hence keep changing the content in the website accordingly so that it gets lifted and indexed by the search engines. Another reason why you should hire our services is that we do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ kind of solutions. We offer customized services. We assure you that you will get your money’s worth when you hire our services.

When we hire your services for SEO, why should we avail Local search marketing service too?

We understand that a perfect SEO strategy will enhance the visibility of your website. But, you need to first conquer the local market and then spread your business far and wide or it could be otherwise too, we don’t deny that. But, in order to make your presence felt locally, it is extremely essential that you figure on top of the local search engines and local directories too. We are fully aware of the things that need to be done to get you on top of the local searches. In fact, SEO and Local SEO is a complete package if you wish to witness positive results for your business.

What all platforms are included in your Social Media Marketing service?

We will create your journal profile in Facebook, create a Twitter handle in Twitter, open an Instagram account and have a profile in Pinterest and list of many more. Apart from these, if you wish to have more profiles created about your business we will do it for you. We will keep posting regular updates from time to time so that your customers will know what is going on at your end. Posting fresh content on social media platforms also will be considered as a yardstick to credit your page/website with higher rank. So, when you talk to us, we will discuss clearly what app social media networks you wish to make your presence felt in. Likewise, we will come up with plans to make an emphatic mark by garnering likes and follows for your publication business.

What will you do in Meta Search Marketing?

There are a few Metasearch platforms that will put your publication business in the limelight. There are Google Scholar, Academia.edu, Medium.com and scoop.it. Adding each articles in such kind of websites will boost your article marketing strategy. This will remarkably help to improve impact factor of journal. Our team will work hard to post each and evey your published articles to the list of this kind of websites.

How will your responsive journal website design and development help my business?

This is the era of the smartphone. And in order to be in constant touch with your researchers, it is essential that you extend the reach of your website to the smartphone platform too. This is possible only with the help of a responsive website design. We have expertise in the website design and development of responsive sites that have helped businesses reach people from all nooks and corners of life. We will ensure that no single detail of your website is lost when it goes on into different screens of different sizes and resolutions.

Do you offer your services only to publishers?

YES. We only give services to the publisher.

How can a mobile app help my business?

As we have mentioned, this is the era of smartphones. Websites are slowly getting replaced with applications that give the users a lot of convenience. So, even if your business has a responsive website site that does not lose out on quality and content when it is viewed on different screen sizes and resolutions, it has become essential to have an app developed for your business. This way, your customers can just click on the app and make their books at your journal. You are just being a click away when you are present on their mobile screens. So, in short, you are in extremely close proximity with your researchers. Isn’t it a good proposition for your business? Definitely yes!

Is my website data secure?

YES.Your full website data will be secure and to put a trust on that we are ready to do confidentiality agreement with the publisher for any kind of Journals Club services. We hope you feel better after this reading.

What is the Smart CMS Journal website all about?

With Smart CMS journal website you can be assured of being in complete control with your website. There are numerous modules in this tool which will help you in being in great command over your journal website. You can market your journal to your guests in limitless opportunities. Your potential customers (Researchers) can get a look and also feel the ambiance of your journal website with just a click of the mouse. As there is a multiple language module, you can have a wider and more global reach.

How will I know what progress my journal website is making after availing your services?

We genuinely understand your need to be informed about this aspect. That is why we will present you timely reports with ample data which is a clear indicator of all the marketing efforts we have been undertaking for your website. Monthly reports or fortnightly reports, however you wish, will be sent to you on time for you to take a look at the performance of your website. We will give you a report on the conversions on the website from different channels, and return on investment from different internet marketing campaigns.

Having any doubts? Do write to us or call us and we will be extremely happy to help you out of your confusion and give you a clear picture of our services.

Is there any change to change DOI sequence link?

No. It is not possible if the link is already assigned to you.

Is it necessary to redirect the link to a specific link?

YES. It is always recommended that your website must have a specific link to a specific article. The DOI link must be displayed on that link and must be redirect to that article page.

Is it possible to get refund after DOI link issue?

NO. It is not possible to get refund after DOI link issue to the publisher.

Is it possible to change or update DOI link meta data?

YES. It is possible to change or update DOI link metadata at any time but on request.

What are the payment methods?

We have various methods of payment. You can send RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/Cheque or even cash in Journals club account. We do also provide online payment link.

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